Braised Beef Cheek Bao Bun served in a basket.

Braised Beef Cheek Bao Bun

How to make BAHA’s Beef Cheek Bao Bun

If you’ve been listening to Lake District Radio then you’ll of heard jack on talking about our delicious food and on the show. When talking with Cameron he went through how to make a beef cheek bao bun. Below you will find out a bit more information on this so you can try and make these at home for yourself.


The Recipe

This is a classic example of technical skill and time taken in the process to reach an end product of this quality. For £5.00 this will certainly exceed every guest’s expectation.


  • So we start with an underrated cut of meat, which is the beef cheek. Treated with care this can be a piece of magic we can all relate back to when we think of our favourite casserole or stew our Grandma made when we were young.
  • We braise this is in red wine and stock on a mirepoix of vegetables until practically falling apart. 
  • The next component is Kohlrabi, sliced super thin on a mandolin, pickled in sweet green tea.
  • We have a house seaweed mayonnaise, made by toasting a combination of Dulse, Furikake, Nori, Wakame, Kombu, spices and seasoning.
  • Then it’s finished with semi-dried teriyaki shiitakes giving a huge hit of umami flavour. Similar to Bovril 
  • Put all these elements into our steamed Bao buns and you have a flavour explosion with texture and balance. This is fusion at its best for me.

It’s that simple


Tell us below how you get on, if you need any help or how you rate this dish.

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