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What can I expect from the
Born Noisy Karaoke Pod?

On arrival, you will be welcomed by one of our team who will show you to the karaoke pod and explain everything you need to know, how to choose your favourite songs, (there are over 11,000 on the system) order drinks.

You’ll also be provided with a costume box so you can get in the zone.
Whilst we advise you to pre-book drinks packages as we offer them at a promotional price, we can provide you with drinks during your karaoke experience, at the touch of a button!

Once you’re in, all you need to do is pick a song, grab a mic, a wig and
warm-up your vocal cords and you’re on your way to being Bowness’s latest popstar! 


How does your pricing work? 

Our Karaoke room prices are for up to 6 or 12 people depending on your numbers.
For Example: If you have a group of 5 you’ll pay our ‘1 – 6’ person price, per hour. Pricing per hour varies depending on your date of Karaoke.
For full prices, please click HERE

If you are a group of 6 or more, you will pay our ‘7-12’ person price, per hour.
For Example: If you have a group of 8 you’ll pay 7 to 12 – £60 per hour (from £5 per person) Pricing per hour varies depending on your date of Karaoke.
For full prices, please click HERE

Can I book for just one hour?

All bookings are for a minimum of 2 hours. For example: If you are a group of 6 joining us on a Sunday at £30
per hour, this would total to £60 altogether.


When is your BORN NOISY Karaoke Pod open?

Our Karaoke Pod can be booked 7 days a week. However, slots & opening times may vary depending on the day.
Click HERE to find out more.


How can I book my Born Noisy Karaoke Experience?


To book your Karaoke experience, please HERE and fill in the details.
One of our team will then be in touch as possible.

However, if you are looking for a last-minute booking either on the day
or over the weekend then please call us on: 01539 277 515


can I order drinks or prebook
a drinks package?

Yes, it’s really simple, if you would like to pre-book your drinks package,
you can do this online by HERE

Or, simply press the button shown to you by our host on arrival and a member of our team will be up as soon as possible to take your order.


Can I prebook for food?

Yes, if you would like to prebook food, please include this on our Karaoke Pod enquiry form,
give us a call on 01539 277515

Or make your own booking online HERE when is best for you.


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