House Rules

Are you ready for a festive feast at BAHA?

Please read our house rules below, these will let you know how ordering will work and what we are doing to operate safely.

PLEASE NOTE: We have sourced the only certified, UK lab-tested COVID-19 killing product on the market. This product is used in our hand dispensers, for all surface and kitchen cleaning. Providing the safest environment we possibly can for you.

Visit us only if you are feeling well. If you are displaying any signs of COVID 19 such as a prolonged cough, a fever or high temperature you may be refused entry or asked to have your temperature checked which may result in having to leave your table or booking.     

  • All customers please be aware that we currently are only allowing groups from one household and of a maximum of 6 people into our venue. This will be reviewed in line with the latest government guidelines.
  • On arrival, exit, and movement around our venue, it is a legal requirement to wear a face covering. You may remove your mask when seated for eating & drinking.
  • On arrival & exit please use our sanitizer stations, these use our certified COVID 19 killing formula.
  • Please wait to be seated by our host on entry.
  • It is mandatory for us to take your details for the UK ‘Track & Trace’ program when you visit our venue. It is compulsory for every member of each group to provide your contact details on arrival. We are legally required to hold these details for 21 days.
  • Please remain seated and order your food & drink through our easy one-use menus and fan waving system, which will be explained to you once seated.
  • To enjoy any of our many alcoholic drinks you will be required to order a substantial meal from our menu, this is in line with Government guidelines.
  • Please note at present it is a legal requirement to offer table service only. We cannot allow you to order your food and drink at the bar.  
  • Please follow all our distancing signage when moving around Baha, this includes using our separate entry and exits to the building.
  • Please do not move furniture around, it has been placed this way to allow us to open and serve you safely.
  • Should you need to use our toilets during your visit. Please wear your face covering & use the hand sanitizers available and minimize touching any unnecessary surfaces.
  • Please maintain a 2-meter distance from other customers when entering, leaving, and moving around the venue to the toilet.
  • Keep children (Under 10’s) seated and supervise them when they make any toilet trips.
  • Our staff clean their hands every 15 minutes and are temperature checked each day before starting their shift.
    All furniture is thoughtfully cleaned after each guest sitting.
  • PPE – Our staff are now legally required to wear face coverings at all times.
  • Our certified COVID-19 killing product is available for home or commercial purchase.
    Please ask a member of staff for more details.


Now sit back and enjoy your Baha experience and let us serve you in a safe and comfortable and friendly environment.