“there was that much choice, we just kept ordering more!”

Ranya Ball – Area manager of Stonegate Pub Company

This January we welcomed Stonegate Pub Company Area Manager Ranya Ball to BAHA
to try our our Pacific Street Food.


Watch the video above,
or read RANYAS review below to hear all about
her BAHA experience!

“Hello, my name is Ranya Ball. I am Area Manager for Stonegate Pub Company.
I run bars and restaurants and nightclubs all over the North and that is multi different formats from late-night party bars to different restaurants and sport.

The food tonight has been absolutely amazing. Really flavoursome, so much choice on the menu to the point
I want to come back because we had that many dishes but I still wanted to order more. There’s only
so much you can fit in so I want to come back again to be able to try all the different dishes that are available
because the menu is just amazing and the choice really suits everybody’s needs.

This is like being in a city centre venue that you would find in the heart of Manchester and Liverpool but in the heart of the Lake District. The food has just been flavoursome, tasty. You just cannot fault it. It’s literally like having a party in your mouth.

You com,  you’re tasting it and you just want more and more and more and it is just memorable.
I would absolutely recommend coming here as many for many reasons. You could come here for lunch with your family.
With your children, with your parents and come and have a light lunch or you can come for an evening and have an intimate dinner with your other half or with a group of girls

The cocktails are amazing, especially the Espresso Martinis. You can come and have some cocktails and have some like nibbles.
It’s such a multi-diverse restaurant venue to come and experience for so many different occasions.

Tonight I’ve had spicy, I’ve had hot, I’ve had satay. Oh, the Sashimi, the Tuna and the Salmon was just fresh and just light, so many different different flavors. It’s just different because there’s nowhere around here that does food like that.

I’ve already mentioned it but my favourite dish had be the Tuna and Salmon Sashimi. That dish served on ice with fresh
lime, it’s just really light, fragrant, fresh. It’s just beautiful.

We tried quite a lot of the menu. We have the Edamame beans. We had the buns, which was the beef cheek, which were so flavoursome. And we had the Tuna and the Salmon Sashimi, we had the Pork Belly Skewers, the Chicken Skewers.
We just wanted to order half the menu, if not the whole menu. Because it was it was the that nice
and there was that much choice that we just, we couldn’t decide so we ended up ordering more.

I think there’s a full variety on your menu that you can come and pick a few seafood dishes
and have a light lunch or you come in the evening and share with your partner or with your family and have a good few tapas-style dishes and order from the starter section and just share a load of them.

If you fancy just having a little bit of taste of everything or you could come and have a main dish.
There is just so much choice to suit everybody’s needs and everybody’s requirements.
Especially if you’re vegan, or if you’re vegetarian, there is a lot of dishes to suit your needs.

I would come back and have the Sundae Dessert. We just about managed to fit that in
and that comes with a sparkler in which gives a real sense of occasion full of Marshmallows, little Fudge pieces
loads of squirty cream loads of different ice cream, lots of caramel sauce. Oh, it was amazing, absolutely amazing, really good!
You can get different spoons in, all get in and took in and share with your friends and family.

I really want to come back and I’m going to try the Jungle Curry. That sounded amazing,
but I really wanted to save room for my dessert. So we had a bit of everything, we shared between four of us. But next time I come I’m really going to try that. With the spicy Kimchi rice because that is insane.

I just want to say about this venue is incredibly it’s on-trend, it’s decorated
and done out amazingly. It’s really Instagramable. You want to come, if you want to get a drink you can sit
down with your friends feel comfortable in a booth.

You have a cool fan that you can wave and you put your arm in the air and a server will automatically come over and bring your drinks.
You don’t even have to get up. So it just gives that real sense of relaxed service when you’re in here and it’s just really cool and really comfortable. And it’s not pretentious at all.

You will just feel really relaxed when you experience when you come here.
So I really recommend coming to BAHA.”

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