Calling all Loyalty card holders…

Extraordinary NEWS!


Since BAHA has opened we’ve always tried to give something back to those that visit us regularly. We’ve had classic loyalty cards, swipe cards and fancy RFID ones, but now we finally believe that we have the perfect solution… our new fabulous app!

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working away on a solution that gives you access to some sensational special promotions, tells you about our latest events and gives you the ability to discover all our venues. Including The Fizzy Tarté, Lake View Garden Bar & The Cranleigh Boutique. 

We believe this is an exciting development which is being done by no other business locally. More than that though, by doing this we hope to reduce our impact on the environment (by saving paper), release the stress of ‘leaving the card at home’ (we’ve all done it) and remove another item from our ever bulging wallets & purses. It also means that we can keep what we offer fresh, engaging and current. “You’ll always have the correct information about what we have going on, at your fingertips”. Plus it means you’ll be in the know about any last minute specials and the latest gossip from our venues.

You’ll be extremely glad to know our app is now live and you can download our ‘Extraordinary Family’ app here

Are you an existing loyalty card holder?  If so, then it is important to note that all our previous loyalty cards/schemes will stop being accepted after the 31st July 2019. After this date, only promotions or loyalty schemes available on our ‘Extraordinary Family’ app will be accepted. We’ve tried our hardest to make sure everyone can use the app, so whether you use Apple or Android, you’ll find it available to download here.

Our new app is open to everyone but does require you to sign up. We’ll then endeavour to activate your account within 48hrs. If you are local to the area, there is also a special section under the promotions tab so you can register for our local’s scheme.

What’s more, the app not only covers what’s going on at BAHA, but also lets you know about the rest of our family of venues. This includes The Fizzy Tarté, Lake View Garden Bar and the Cranleigh Boutique.

To make the sign-up process even sweeter we’ll be giving you a one-off gift, which will be waiting for you once you have logged into the app. But first, you’ll want to ‘Sign up’ by downloading the app using the link below:

Our Warmest regards,

The Extraordinary Hargreaves Enterprises Team

PS. All new users that sign up get a special 1 off gift from us. Download the app here to get yours. Gifts will be available for a limited time only so don’t miss your chance to get yours.