“Michelin star chef Simon Ball thinks BAHA in the Lake District is “An experience that needs to be had.”

Simon Ball – Michelin Star Chef & Restaurant Consultant 

This January we invited Simon Ball – Michelin Star Chef & Restaurant Consultant to BAHA for an evening of
Pacific Street Food in the heart of Bowness on Windermere


Watch the video above,
or read Kate’s review below to hear all about her experience!

“Hi, I’m Simon Ball. I’m a former 2* and 1* Michelin Chef and restaurant consultant.

I have really enjoyed my dining experience today. I can only just say that it is not only met my expectation but exceeded them massively.

In the Lake District. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a venue like this. I was so shocked to find myself dining in such a vibrant place. With such food that excited me. The flavours are just tickled my taste buds and really excited me and just made me want to come back for more.

I would certainly recommend coming here. I feel a reason to visit Bowness is to come to this restaurant.

The flavours have just been a taste sensation. I mean, the whole of my mouth has just been excited.
You know, doing things that it should be doing. It’s like sweet, it’s sour, it’s hot. It’s just such vibrant umami flavours around my tastes. I just really enjoyed it.”

I particularly enjoyed the ramen at the end. I thought the length of flavour,
the pork, the chili, was just a sensational dish.

We tried a number of the dishes. Obviously, I like my Sashimi. We really enjoyed the ceviche.
Most of the dishes were, well all the dishes are absolutely stunning. The only thing I regret is not ordering all the dishes because it’s just made me want to come back for more.

I wouldn’t see a reason for anybody not to want to dine here. It is an experience that needs to be had.
It is an experience that everyone deserves to have. It’s just something a bit different a bit special but people want to try it because when they do try it, they will love it.

Even if they’ve never tried it before.

Every dish that I’ve had today I have really enjoyed and it’s just made me want to come back tomorrow to
have all the other dishes that I’ve not had.

Judging by all the flavours that I’ve had, in the dishes that I’ve had,
I want to come back and try every other dish.”

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