From the July 19th

It’s all WOK & ROLL!

Read below to find out what to expect when you visit…


On Entry:

Please continue to wait at the entrance, you will be shown by our host to an available table.


In line with government guidance, we can inform you that you are no longer legally required to wear a mask in our venue. Whilst you don’t need a mask to enter or exit our venue, we will ask for everyone’s safety, that you might still consider wearing one when going to the toilet


Track & Trace

You are no longer required to track and trace so we have removed this from our venue to make your experience with us as relaxed and seamless as possible.


Social Distancing:

As a safety and wellbeing measure, we will keep social distancing measures in place both for our staff, and our customers. Please be respectful of this.


Hand sanitising stations

Hand sanitizing stations will remain in place and extra cleaning routines will continue.



We cannot currently allow customers to approach the bar for bar service.
We are still choosing to operate a table app ordering system.  as this still is the most practical way in which we can offer the best customer experience possible based on our current operational capabilities.


We can accommodate groups, however, this may not always be possible and we ask that you respect the social distancing measures & remain seated when you can.



Almost everything can be booked through our website along with the ability to enquire.

Alternatively, you can always give us a bell on 01539 277 515

 or drop us an email to [email protected]