The best Gravy Recipe

Written by: Jack Wyness AKA Big Dog

Now everyone has their own idea of what a good Sunday gravy should taste like but here are my favourite tips that keep people coming back every time.

How to make the best Gravy in my opinion.


To Start…

  1. Caramelise a handful of shallots to start. Cook low and slow to avoid burning and getting that nasty bitter taste. When ready, add them to your gravy in the blender and blitz until smooth. This will naturally thicken your gravy nicely and add huge depth of flavour.
  2. Add dijon mustard and a squeeze of lemon juice.
  3. Always keep your fat from whatever meat you’ve been roasting.
  4. Add this to your gravy at the end, by pouring it in whilst simultaneously blending with a stick blender until emulsified. You’ll notice the gravy take on a lighter colour and will become a delectable silky, smooth consistency. This trick will make your gravy look like liquid chocolate and change the mouthfeel into something long-lasting.
  5. Finally, infuse with fresh herbs, don’t boil. This is something learned at my time at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck. Once your gravy is ready and still red hot, take any soft herb you fancy. I prefer Tarragon. Then dunk a few sprigs into the gravy. Leave for 20 minutes off the heat and let the flavour infuse. By not cooking them to death, they retain their lovely natural oils and don’t become bitter and brown. One your time is up, strain the herbs out and your gravy is complete.

And there you go a straight forward and when you taste it, unbelievable gravy recipe.


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