“The food is an adventure. Every single mouthful packed a punch!”

Martin Smith – Restaurant Consultant and Menu Designer

This January we invited one of the North West’s leading restaurant consultants & menu designers along to BAHA to try our Pacific Street Food.


Watch the video above,
or read Martin’s review below to hear all about Martin’s experience!

“I’m Martin Smith. I’m a restaurant consultant and menu designer And I’m here at BAHA.

I have worked with many restaurants over the last 10 years. I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen and all different areas of the kitchen and all different areas of the restaurant.

So I know the kind of industry pretty well. The food experience exceeded expectations tonight.

The food has been fantastic. Every single dish has offered something different. Different degrees of vibrancy in the dishes and every single mouthful I’ve tried tonight has packed a punch. It’s really really good.


Is there anything like this in the Lake District? Absolutely not and if you want my honest opinion, The Lake District to me offers beige food. This is sunshine all over. The food is vibrant, which is basically what the Pacific Rim style of cookery offers.

It screams out Southern California to me. You’ve just across the water. So you’ve got you know, the Asian Panhandle, you’ve got Mexico just below, it ticks all the boxes. And as far as I know around this area there is nothing like it. Each dish offers a little bit of a taste, a little bit of experience of different places in the Pacific Rim. It’s a bit of an adventure rather than “just” being a menu.


It’s an adventure. That’s that’s how I feel about it.


It’s really really exciting. I would absolutely recommend coming here. There are so many dishes to choose from.
I would definitely recommend coming down here as a big group. Because you will be able to travel around the whole menu and try a bit of everything.
You know, there are so many dishes that you want to try but you won’t be able to try because you’ll be full and you’ll come back again and again and again to try each dish, that you didn’t try.
The flavors in the menu and all the dishes that I’ve had this evening are definitely authentic,
but with a twist, which is good.
Everything’s donecorrectly. You know, using the correct ingredients and cooked in the right way.
There’s so many standout dishes on the menu. I tried most of them this evening! But the one standout dish for me tonight was definitely the Kimchi Rice. That packs a punch for a bowl of rice. That packs a punch big-time!
The Bao Buns are absolutely fantastic. Especially the Beef Cheek with the seaweed mayonnaise. They definitely put a smile on my face when I had that. And the Ceviche, that is that refreshing when you’ve had some quite rich dishes.
That kind of like cleanses your palate, as well as being
really really tasty.

We ordered quite a lot of food tonight. There’s still more coming. But went through every single section and picked out some key things.

The skewers were fantastic. The Pork Skewers were really really tender. All the grilled meats were melt in the mouth. Sometimes you get some grilled meats that are really really bone dry. These were melt in the mouth, really really good.

The Bao Buns… we had the Beef Cheek with the seaweed mayonnaise, which was really really tasty.
The KFC or Korean Fried Chicken, very authentic very very nice. The Sashimi,
perfectly cut, really good, tasty fish.
The dipping sauce… different to what you may
be used to like wasabi and soy, but soy sauce and chilli in there, that was really really tasty, different.
Every single dish had a bit of a twist on it and that’s what makes it interesting.
Within the menu, there is enough variety there to cater to everybody’s taste and there are
really standout Vegan dishes in there. The Panko Fried Cauliflower was one of my favorite things
and in actual fact and I’m not a Vegan. So it should be able to cater for all tastes and you got the good meat dishes, good fish dishes and then again Vegan. It ticks the box.
When I come back to BAHA I’m going to absolutely nail every single Bao Bun on that menu.
I think they really stand out and definitely with a side of Kimchi Rice because that was really really nice.
The wagyu beef is one thing that I definitely try when I come back. The confit egg yolk on the menu sounds
really interesting.
So I’ll be trying that when I come back, definitely. BAHA is a breath of fresh air for Bowness.
It’s needed something like this for a very very long time and I wish them all success.”

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