“We would definitely go back to Bowness just to come here, you just don’t get flavours like this!”

Katie Smith – Cafe Manager

This January we invited Cafe Manager Kate Smith along to BAHA to try our Pacific Street Food.


Watch the video above,
or read Kate’s review below to hear all about her experience!

“My name is Kate. I’m from Fleetwood. Just outside Blackpool and I manage a Cafe.

The food is so flavourful. Literally like flavour bombs. The atmosphere is amazing, so much variety. There were options for vegans, options for meat-eaters and the flavours were really sophisticated as well. There were lots of layers there.

It was just, delicious. It’s such an asset to the Lakes.
It’s amazing. We would definitely come back to Bowness just to come here.

I would definitely recommend my friends to come here.
I’d recommend friends to come in groups of girls, groups of guys, or mixed.
I would happily bring my nieces and nephews here. It’s so accessible but so fun.

One of my favourite things is baos. I love baos and they had two that were particularly delicious.
One was the Beef Cheek. That was sticky and sweet and just everything you want out of a beef bao. And I also had the Korean chicken bao which was just delicious. I love fried chicken, it’s one of my favorite things. So good.

One of my favourites actually was the broccoli with the satay sauce on the top. That was a little surprise.
I didn’t realize I was going to enjoy that so much and just want didn’t want to share it.

We had the sushi which was lovely, because you can’t get sushi everywhere. So it’s so nice to be able to have that.
The edamame beans were gorgeous. The ribeye was seared. It was so tasty the charring on the ribeye steak. That was beautiful.
The ramen was really, really good. Like the flavors in that were very authentic.

There was variety, because there was some things that would be accessible for people that maybe aren’t that adventurous.
For instance the Korean Chicken Bao. It is essentially fried chicken in a bao. So if you think of it as like a chicken burger, but on another level. So you could you sell that to somebody who wasn’t maybe so adventurous.

Again the steak, it was seared lovely and the flavours were gorgeous, but it wasn’t scary for somebody to try who wasn’t maybe so adventurous but it would introduce them to some beautiful flavours that they’ve maybe not tried before.

I would come back for the baos and the broccoli and the cauliflower.
That cauliflower was absolutely divine. It was coated in an Asian coating that just took cauliflower up to another level.
You just wanted to eat a bowl of cauliflower.  And how often do you say you want to eat a bowl of cauliflower? But that yeah, I’d definitely come back for all them.

There was the Prawn Wontons, there was a soup with it. I really wanted that but we felt like we’d already ordered way too much and that would have been a stretch too far, but I’ll be coming back to try that.”

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