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Our team at Hargreaves Enterprises is continuously innovating in the kitchen as part of our food journey.
We believe it is important to demonstrate to consumers that we are doing everything we can not only provide Vegan choices for our customers but also to provide GREAT TASTING vegan options – see below for a rolling update of food explorations.


This stunning smoked “no fish, fish cake” from M & S takes plant food to a different level.
The creamy texture consists of potato starch, smoked water and coconut giving both the aroma of smoked fish, taste and texture.
Blind-folded taste test and you would not have a clue, it wasn’t fish!
Best air fried for 20 mins at 180c. This is a no fail quick dish for a plant food dieter who craves those special and missed moments and comes with an added bonus of only 210 calories per portion and if that wasn’t enough its also vegan.

Linda Mccartney pulled pork Bao buns

“The Bao Buns tasted great and the instructions were easy to follow.  When making mine I added some extra mushrooms, not sure this was needed as I couldn’t fit all the filling in the buns! I am really surprised by how good the plant-based meat was, whilst it isn’t a substitute for pulled pork I think it made a delicious alternative.  The Satay sauce was delicious as well, although for me I would have liked a little bit more of a kick.  Would definitely buy these again. If having between 2 of you I would advise making sure you have vegetables on the side to make it into a full meal.”

Thanks for reading! We’re updating this page weekly with exciting new Vegan explorations.

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