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Just like our social eating ethos, we have laid out a spread of sample dishes which you will find across our
food & drinks menus, or something very similar. They take inspiration from all corners of the Pacific Rim and have been chosen for their UMAMI! flavours.



Our Bowness on Windermererestaurant social ethos



Why stick to the stuffy restaurant conventions of starters, mains, and desserts when you can spice up life with a socially, more exciting way of eating pacific street food?

Our flame-infused, coal fire, Pacific Rim-inspired street food is cooked using traditional robata methods. Subsequently, this gives our food a taste that can’t be faked.  And ‘once you pop’ you won’t be able to stop.

Social ethos: Our menu is designed so you can mix and match dishes to create your own meal. We all love a bit of everything and this allows just that. Pick a main, add some greens and order something sugary if you have a sweet tooth. Then go back for more if you wish. There are no conventions here that need to be followed, so feel free to be you!

Why: We believe fantastic & exotic food should be for all and not just for the heights of fine dining. We have focused on making simple, small plates that are packed full of flavours that ‘aren’t from around here’ but use local suppliers to make them. It’s an experience that suits all occasions. From a casual mid-week meal, festivities with friends & family or for when you want a relaxed date night.

They say ‘you are what you eat’, so let our food be an expression of you.


FAQS for the curious street food foodies…

What are popular street foods? 

Now, this is a question that is typically difficult to answer as there are so many street foods in the world (more than we could possibly imagine). However, our friends over at Taste Atlas had provided us with the top 100 in the world – stemming from countries such as Mexico, The United States, Italy, India, Singapore, Korea and so many more!

See the blog below:


PS. If you’re curious to know BAHA’s most popular street food, it’s the Korean Fried Chicken Burger! 

What makes good street food?

One of the defining characteristics of street food is its use of organic and fresh produce.  On the one hand, street food offers a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional restaurant offerings, additionally it offers an unparalleled experience to anyone who partakes – but, above all, you’re tasting something you may have never tried before.

We source our produce from local suppliers to ensure that it is as fresh as possible, consequently this means our food tastes as great as it can!

Why is street food so popular? 

Street food was once a common sight in Europe. However, the trend subsided when fast-food restaurants became big and eating on the go became a thing of the past, especially in cosmopolitan cities on the continent.

The roots of today’s street food can be found in Asia. In short, we’re talking noodles, spices, sushi, curries, and many other delicious foods – many of which we’ve served and continue to serve on our restaurant menus

As consumers seek out low-cost, restaurant-quality food, street food has seen a large rise in popularity in recent years. Therefore, if you are passionate about trying new foods from around the world all-in-one place, you now have so many options to choose from!

Where does street food come from? 

You have probably noticed street food is on the rise, with trucks and carts popping up everywhere in every city or town in the country and worldwide – therefore, restaurants are beginning to part take in street food popularity.  And it’s easy to see why. As a whole, there’s so much variety – from foods from all across the world to vegan foods to gourmet burger trucks,  Asian cuisine and would you believe it or not, British food!

It is believed that street food was first distributed in Greece, where small fried fish were sold on the street. People in ancient Rome’s urban poor neighborhoods ate street food more often since they didn’t have hearths or ovens in their houses. Today, traditional cuisines have spread beyond their region of origin, and are therefore enjoyed by those all around the world.

Where is street food most popular? 

Singapore was named the 1st in World’s 50 Best Cities for Street Food. Food is taken very seriously in this city and accordingly you’ll often find Singaporeans queueing up at coffeeshops and local hawker centres and gorging on some of the island’s best meals. However, If you’re lucky enough to visit, stop by any of the food centres, or follow the crowd and you’ll find whatever lies at the end is sure to be scrumptious.

Briefly, the most sophisticated cuisines are typically regional dishes. These including,  Chinese, Indian,  Asian,  American, Korean, Vietnamese, and many others.

Check out this blog the blog below:


The data came from an annual survey. 92,000 business travellers and 1,400 corporate travel agents in 86 countries. The study was conducted over three months from July 18, 2019, to September 19, 2019.

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