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  • Francesca h says:

    Went in because the place looked nice and the food seemed good,
    Food was nice, over priced for what it was but still nice,
    Then the service was very lack lustre
    Slow, you fill in a sheet for your order which is a bit impersonal, they didnt give us a children’s menu, and we couldn’t find anyone to ask so I went online to find it as my daughter has CMPA so we need to check dietary info, they didnt give us an allergen menu but most of the menu is marked up so we used that which was easy, the server seemed confused about oat milk like he had never heard of it.
    Upon ordering from the online kids menu another server came and said that’s not on the menu and was quiete rude considering we weren’t given a menu in the first place. Said this and no apology given just a menu flung on the table.
    They gave us our food and didnt give us cutlery which really is just lazy and poor service.
    Wouldn’t return, shame because the decor is stylish.

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