BAHA’s 5th Birthday Blowout

“Relive your best days”


STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING.. We have an invitation for you…

BAHA is becoming all grown up ( not really:) ). IT’S UNBELIEVABLE we’re now 5 YEARS Old! 

Do you remember those bottomless brunch days, 4am finishes and john travolta dance floor nights? We’re going to be turning tunes and whipping up the nostalgia on Friday 28th July!

PLUS we need your help… 

We are trying to set a personal record for as many people in fancy dress as possible. 


Last time we had 50 and this time we’d love to make it 100+! To help make this happen we’ll be giving away a free shot to everyone that joins us dressed up!

YOUR’E invited and here’s the… BIRTHDAY PLAN

  • A FREE welcome SHOT if you’re in fancy dress (only until 10pm).
  • DJ Ciufu on the DECKS!

Ciufu will be rewinding with some 80s disco, cheesy classic and then bring it into the now. Whether you’re a fan of those hacienda years or love some modern ibiza beats we’ll be filling the floor with a set which you won’t be able to stand still to.


It wouldn’t a sugar filled tuck shop open all night. We know it’s not quite on that health kick vibe, but it’s our birthday we’re all allowed one night off!


Why go anywhere else as well be open until 2am and we bet the beat will last longer than you can keep dancing!

Please share and help up achieve our fancy dress mission. We believe you are someone that can help us get there. PS. Don’t forget to share this event.

If you have an LA23 postcode, make sure to show your driving licence. If you’re in the know you’ll know what we mean 😉

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